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Isolates Heat Cup Mat & Non Slip Hot Pad (Buy 1 & Get 1 Free)

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Isolates Heat Cup Mat 
Made of high quality washable and reusable, effectively resist heat.
Simply hand wash in warm soapy water, or directly wash in dishwasher, waterproof, damp proof.
Suitable as bowls mat, pot holders, coasters, table mats, etc. Ideal for kitchen, living room, hotel and all kinds of party.
Non Slip Hot Pad
Special honeycomb texture offers a firm grip/hold while also retaining the liquid dripping from the utensils (reducing mess)
Safely lay hot pots on your table / platform without damaging the surface (new-age trivet), use it in place of mitts for holding hot pans, open tight jar caps, rest your cooking spoons, or shell garlic cloves with Kitchemy pot holders
Insulation performance, non-slip, suitable for kitchen table mats, bowls mat, dish mats, pot holders, coasters, table mats, etc.