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Key Chain Camera

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Do you always carry keychain with you and want to keep yourself vigilant about any questionable actions? STOREONE offers the best Keychain camera, which is composed of 3 features such as you can record the videos, audios, and take a series of pictures to monitor the unpredictable and ambiguous actions around you. You can get a high resolution of 720*960P results of videos and photos for getting clear footage. Also, the blinking light does not appear while starting the videos. You can feel secure yourself and investigate suspicious people or movements quickly without knowing others. The good thing is that you can record the videos about 90 – 120 minutes continuously at a one-time charge.
Further, you insert the SD card in the spy camera and record the data without any tension of limited space. Also, the data can be transferred and saved in your computer or laptop in AVI format so that you can smoothly playback the videos in any media player without any further installation.