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Miracle Peeler & Fixie Pizza Cutter (Buy 1 & Get 1 Free)

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Miracle Peeler
It has two blades that allow you to peel in both directions, cutting prep time in half.
You can even flip this peeler around quickly and easily julienne fruits and vegetables
It has a non-slip rubber grip and precision blades for clean cuts.
Great for cutting and making cheese. Includes mandolin attachment and veggie holder for slicing veggies like cucumbers and carrots to the last slice.
Fixie Pizza Cutter
The Fixie Pizza Cutter is your good friend when cutting your pizza with precision. It’s designed like a real Fixie bike complete with a saddle and handle bar. The wheels act as blades which cuts the pizza. Run your pizza over with the Fixie bike and you’re all ready for well cut slices