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Pain Relieve Seat Cushion | Egg Sitter Cushion

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Car Summer Cooling Get SeatA cooling Gel seat which gives a pressure relief in Bottom. It comes with a column buckling technology and will disperse the weight of your body. The cushion will allow your bottom to stay cool and will eliminate any discomfort. Moreover, it has medical grade gel which will give proper support.People having problems with Sciatica Pain will find this product very comfortable. 
Designed to relieve sciatica and tailbone pain from sitting. Alleviates fatigue by reducing stain on muscle.
Natural cooling gel absorbs heat from your body and replaces with the cooling sensation.Special design adjustable strap on the back for the office chair or car seat to maintain the perfect position. Free washable cover. Allow air to circulate.Absorbs pressure points. Perfect for Car seats, Office Chairs, Home use etc.