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Portable Space Saving Storage Bucket

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Multi purpose Excellent for home storage, camping, picnics, cooler, tool room, kids toys play room, gardening, fruits and veggies basket, cleaning, housekeeping, car care, etc.
Collapsible storage bin pops open when released for storage
It could be placed in the car to function as a small dustbin to deposit rubbish such as paper, drinks, some food and so on.
At camping, the storage could function as a barrel to store water, shrink the storage then it could be as a washing basin. Size:app 18 x 6.5cm (folding size), 18 x 22cm (expand size)
Size:app 18 x 6.5cm (folding size), 18 x 22cm (expand size) , Material : Plastic || Color : Black || Capacity : 4L