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USB Electric Foam Glider Plane

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Every child has a flying dream wearing a handsome flying suit flying in the blue sky this fun gliders can let the children know more about the structure of the aircraft the principle of the flight let the children Learn more about your dreams while playing.
ELECTRIC GLIDER charging with USB charging for half an hour can play 40 50 times automatically stop every 10 15 seconds can control the child's playing time very well so that children are not addicted to it.
GOOD TOUGHNESS OF THE MATERIAL this hand flying glider is made from a new foam that is extremely tough and will not be damaged from falling from a high altitude.
EAST TO ASSEMBLE  this electric airplane has five parts, which is very simple to assemble see the figure for details When you are not using it you can also disassemble it for storage which saves space and is very convenient.
EFFICIENT SERVICE This shop respects the service first and can provide excellent customer service with feedback within 24 hours.
NOTE:Random Color & Patterns Are Available, Product Color & Pattern Will Be Sent As Per Availability.